our vision is jesus. our mission is people. our cause is grace.

As a Christian community, CCIW exists only because of what Christ, in his life, death and resurrection, has done for us. It is on this conviction that we stand, and out of which our vision and values flow.

Our prayer at CCIW is:

to be a Biblically vital Christian community
where believers, as well as strangers to the love of Jesus,
grow more and more into
fully devoted children of God
who know, love and serve
the Lord Jesus Christ, his church and his world
in the power of the Holy Spirit,
to the glory of God the Father.

the means of grace

The  structure  of  all  our  programs  and  activities  follow  what  we  call  the  “means  of  grace”.  The phrase comes from the prayer of general thanksgiving in the Book  of  Common  Prayer:

 “We  bless  thee  for  our  creation,  preservation,  and  all  the  blessing  of  this  life;  but  above  all,  for  thine  inestimable  love  in  the  redemption  of  the  world by our Lord Jesus Christ, for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory.”

So, “means of grace” refers to God-given instruments through which he works  by  his  Holy  Spirit  to  pour  out  his  grace  upon  us,  conforming  us  to  Christ.

The five means of grace are:

  • Gathering regularly in corporate worship
  • Sharing in a life of joyous fellowship
  • Using our gifts to serve others in ministry
  • Being rich in personal devotion
  • Extending gracious witness to others.

Just as physical growth comes from having a good diet and good exercise routine, so the means of grace include both a good spiritual diet and a good spiritual exercise routine. Together, they make for a healthy Christian, who is growing more and more into a fully devoted child of God.