Trust the Lord who... judges

The Christian God is a God who judges. That’s a hard truth for our culture. But how unreasonable is it? After all, the judgments we make every day are often pretty poor. How can we hope to escape the consequences of our own misjudgments, let alone the consequences of the judgment of a holy God? The answer lies in the One who received the consequences of God’s judgment on our misjudgments. 

Trust the Lord who... cleanses

In Isaiah 3-4 we see the social condition of Jerusalem and Judah and something is terribly wrong - this is a city bereft, disordered and disintegrating.  With piercing vision Isaiah sees with concern these are symptoms of their spiritual malaise.  They are a people of hard hearts and it forces us to ask the question, how do you overcome a hard heart? Only by grace as our hearts are softened by the beauty and glory of the Lord Jesus who stood before the judge in our place to make us righteous.