who is jesus?

There’s not much doubt that Jesus of Nazareth could lay claim to be the most influential person in human history! Which is surprising, when you think about the fact that he led no army, wrote no books, held no public office and died an agonising death by crucifixion at the hands of his enemies.

And if that’s all there was to him, there’s every reason to think that none of us would ever have heard of Jesus. But the testimony of eye witnesses is that Jesus, unlike every person before or since, was not crushed by death. Rather, in astonishing power and joy, he burst death’s bonds, and defeated the enemy that stalks us all.

Which is why Christianity has always styled itself gospel, or good news. Because if there’s one thing that seems clear in this world, it’s that death wins - personally, cosmically. So much about the world is good and beautiful - or at least it could be - but when you look closely, there’s always something wrong with everything.

Except one place!

Jesus Christ has taken into himself all the darkness of this world - the pain, the evil, the brokenness - and on the cross he bore it to hell. And in that crucible of fire, he conquered it, and rose from the grave. And the offer of the living Jesus is that everyone who connects to him - by putting their trust in him, basing their life in his life - will share in that victory. They will have power to live now in the grace and joy of forgiveness and the beauty and goodness of love; and have the confidence of a hope that is stronger than death, in the context of a community of people who share that power and hope with each other and with those around them.

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