children's ministry

Growing as Leaders

Each week there are over 45 leaders serving in children’s and youth ministry across CCIW.

This Sunday we’re gathering together for the first time as a cohort of leaders involved in ministries to the young across CCIW.  We’re running vision and training event to sharpen and align our convictions and focus as a leadership cohort.  Leaders who serve in everything from playgroups to Kids’ Church to Basecamp to teaching Scripture in schools to youth group will be there.


It will be a diverse group! Some of the leaders are in their retirement, seasoned leaders who serve a morning each week in our children’s and family ministry.  Others are in junior high school, just starting to discover their gifts as they take their first steps into serving in ministry and teaching God’s word to others.  Some are in their first year of serving at CCIW.  Others have been part of serving on a particular ministry team for almost a decade.

Amidst the range of ages and experiences, these leaders are united by their heart to reach young people and see them grow into maturity.

They are a wonderful group of leaders motivated by God’s grace and shaped by His word.  Can I encourage you to give thanks to God for them this week.  Pray for an encouraging and fruitful time together at our vision and training day on Sunday.  Ask too that God will continue to work in our youth and children’s ministries and give these leaders the joy of seeing much fruit from their labours.