Wine cheese and conversations about God

Last Thursday a group of more than 70 people gathered in Ashfield to discuss extremism. 

Among them was Mike,* a young guy who has recently moved into Ashfield from overseas. He’s Christian but hasn’t yet connected with a church. 


Mike happened to be walking past the church just as our Wine, Cheese & Conversation about Extremism and God was getting underway. So he decided to find out what we were up to! Mike then stayed for the discussion and came back to St John’s for church on Sunday. 

Then there was Tracey.* She met Megan at the gym. She’s had a full life with a successful career. But recently she retired and now she’s wondering ‘what next’? 

So when Megan invited her to our conversation she came along. On the night she met a number of people from our church community and seemed to feel right at home. She enjoyed the discussion and when Megan invited her to attend the screening of the new documentary “For The Love of God: How The Church Is Better and Worse Than You Ever Imagined” she said yes to that too.  

This is why we run our wine, cheese and conversation nights. We run them for people like Mike and Tracey, who are not part of a church community. We run them in the hope that we might spark in them a spiritual curiosity that leads to gospel opportunities that brings them closer to Christ.

These nights are sometimes emotional, most often insightful and always inspiring. Most of all they seem to be effective at engaging people beyond our church community in conversations that allow us to gently show the beauty of Jesus. 

* Mike and Tracey are not their real names.