A Woman's Place

A Woman's Place

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Let’s be honest, there are a lot of confusing messages about women in the church and the workplace.  After having kids, I received messages that good Christian woman should be at home raising children not using their gifts in the corporate sector.  A women’s place is to be passive, home making, helping.  Wearing pastel and an understanding of handicrafts may also be of benefit.  

Yet, the nature of work in a post-industrial, knowledge economy continues to change what, where and how work takes place.  As a result, the place of women in the home and workplace are morphing as a result of shifts in technology, education and social norms.  

Despite change, the timeless voice of the bible has a surprising array of woman - a virgin who gives birth to a Saviour in a stable; the savvy woman in Proverbs 31; Martha fussing in the kitchen; Deborah the judge and warrior; Esther the beauty queen who saves the Jews with banquets; Jesus’ great great grandmother the prostitute Rahab; and Junia who is highly esteemed amongst the apostles.  And even though women were the first to see and proclaim the risen Jesus, women continue to feel lost about their place in God’s world.

I found Katelyn Beaty’s “A Woman’s Place: A Christian vision for your calling in the office, the home and the world super helpful in thinking about my place in God’s world.  If you have been left confused, I highly recommend reading this book (blokes, too).  

Yvette McDonald
St John’s 10am