Kycking it with Attic!


On the weekend CCIW’s youth group, The Attic, headed up the mountain to Katoomba for the KYCK Conference. Our 20+ high schoolers and 8+ leaders joined about 2,000 others for a weekend of hanging out, hearing from God’s word, and worshipping him together. 

We had a really great time sharing hot chocolates and learning from Paul’s first letter to Peter about how to stay strong in following Jesus even when being a Christian is really difficult. 

The Saturday night at KYCK is always a pretty special one, and this year was no different. About 150 high schoolers committed or recommitted their lives to Jesus, including a number from our crew. Pray that KYCK 2018 will be a real turning point for each of these young people in their journey with God, and ask him to strengthen them in the Lord Jesus to serve him for the rest of their lives. 

And give thanks for our leaders, too. They’re an awesome bunch who willingly gave up a weekend of their own time (in addition to the regular Friday night!) to invest in our young people. Pray that they get some well-earned rest this week! 

And above all give thanks to God for the way he keeps drawing our high schoolers to himself as we look to Jesus week in and week out at the Attic. 

Richard Glover
Assistant Minister - Youth & Young Adults

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