a conversation about euthanasia and God

The arguments for euthanasia are emotionally powerful. It’s not hard to imagine unbearable suffering ending only with inevitable death, and the natural desire to relieve that suffering by intervening to bring forward that death. 

At the same time, the fact is that what counts as ‘unbearable suffering’ is expanding in those countries where euthanasia has been legalised. I recently read an article detailing how in Belgium and the Netherlands, “the category of ‘addiction’ is now valid grounds for euthanasia”. 

Euthanasia is an issue that will continue to be pressed in our own nation, already legal in Victoria. There are many questions, both of fact but also of deep world view conviction involved here. What is human life, what is its meaning, is there any way in which suffering is redeemable, and how can we remain implacably opposed to death as the ‘last enemy’.

Our Wine, cheese and a a conversation about euthanasia and God event, coming up on Mar 15, 7:30-9:30pm in the St John’s Ministry Centre will open up these issues. With a panel including Dr Megan Best, a leading researcher and writer on the topic, as well as an aged care chaplain, it promises to be an insightful and informative evening, well worth inviting friends and family members to.

Andrew Katay
Senior Minister