Good news story to praise God for

Sometimes delivering postcards and inviting friends to outreach events is daunting - and it can be hard to imagine that any good will come of it. However, the event we held last Thursday called "Wine, Cheese & a Conversation about Euthanasia and God” abounded with good news stories.

As I stood at the door welcoming people I noticed many people came clutching a CCIW post card from our deliveries around the area. 

There was Tina and Silve, two women in their 70’s with English as a second language. They’re not part of our church community (yet!). But one of them received a postcard and was interested in attending. And because she didn’t want to come alone  she asked her friend to come with her!

There was Ozzie, who is Muslim but is looking to further connect with our preschool and other community activities. He expressed curiosity about the God of Christianity. 

There were two young women from the area also came because they received a postcard. They participated keenly in the night’s discussion and then as they left they said to me: “You guys aren’t afraid to tackle the tough topics head on! What are the other topics coming up?”


And there other friends and family members who came along because they were invited. All these serve as a reminder that we never know who will respond to our invitations but God is at work! 

It was also a reminder that our most successful outreach activities involve input from a large number of people. The topic of “euthanasia” wasn’t one we had originally planned to address. However, last November we asked for your input and this topic was one you suggested. It turned out to be our most well attended Wine & Cheese night so far. So thanks to all of you who voted, and to all of you who delivered postcards or invited friends or who simply attended the event. God is able to accomplish immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. To him be the glory. 

Megan Winch
Morning Congregation Pastor
Ashfield 10am