Summer and Reading

Boxing Day to Australia Day - is it unique to Australian culture to stage a collective ‘relaxed’ month, when the usual intensity that marks the rest of the year is both over and hasn’t yet started? Either way, it’s a great invention!

One of the joys it provides is a space for more sustained reading. Making time for reading can be challenging, and there’s not much about a twitter world that encourages the kind of deep thought and sustained commitment that are needed to get through a whole book! But reading has always been a core Christian discipleship practice.

I try to be fairly picky about what I’ll read over summer - usually a novel, a Christian / theology book and a ‘secular’ non-fiction book, to try to keep a balanced diet. 

How about you? If you read something, and would like to share some thoughts, send them in to Meagan Lacoba, who puts together the eNewsletter each week, and we’ll include your review / reflection in the next edition. Meagan can be contacted on:

Happy new year!