Fresh Eyes

Fresh eyes are always a gift! 

Some weeks ago, we had a visiting preacher for our Missions sermon series. As I often do, I asked him what he noticed about us - our church life, our culture, our services - because he was seeing things with fresh eyes.

He mentioned a few things, but one that stood out was how encouraged he felt by the extent and diversity of the outreach activities we were doing. And it got me thinking, he was exactly right!

In December alone, we have had 2 Christmas festivals, a Fifty+ Christmas gathering, an English Corner Christmas party, gingerbread making, Christmas wreath making, and of course Basecamp, each of them wonderful occasions.

Overall, I would guess more than 300 non-church people of all ages have directly connected with us and heard of the grace of God in the gift of a Messiah, and that’s before we’ve even had the Christmas services! It’s been a great team effort, with a huge number of people from CCIW involved, which says something really significant about our heart to reach those who are strangers to the love of Jesus. Praise God!

Do keep praying that God would use these events - the songs sung, the relationships strengthened, the conversations had, the Bible talks heard -  for his glory as he draws people to Christ.