Puggles Playgroup!

Mocha playgroup ( MOther's CHildren Ashfield), has been a ministry of St John's for over 10 years. It is a playgroup for the local community to bring their toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy toys, songs, craft and bible stories. The playgroup involves parents too, with real opportunities to meet people from our community.

Mocha has undergone a few changes during that time and so has our neighbourhood.  No longer can our name include only mother's as many other carers come with children, notably dads. More importantly we have had so many families coming, up to 40 kids and 40 adults some weeks that we could not learn the names let alone remember them or have any meaningful conversation.

 It was time to make some changes. 

The group is now called Puggles playgroup. (A puggle is a baby echidna).


Puggles meets every Thursday morning of term between 9:30-11:30am in the Ministry Centre. 

Most of our group do not come to our church but some do. Most come from all sorts of places around the world including Poland and China, though predominantly we have a large group of families from the sub-continent.

Puggles playgroup still has toys, craft and songs and bible stories and a wonderful team of volunteers (from each the St John's congregations) who work very hard to make it a friendly and inviting place to welcome the neighbourhood into our christian community.

Please keep the team and this ministry in prayer, that the great news of God's love for all the nations is for them.

Megan Winch

Puggles Playgroup team co-ordinator