Encouragement and support for Gospel Partners

In our current sermon series we are exploring the nature of global mission and in particular this week about how we at home can support and care for those we send as Gospel Partners.

Toby and Mary Grace Anderson are serving in South Asia doing language development work. They packed up their three children and left us, (their home church), friends, extended family,  and neighbourhood in Ashfield to live with the T-people in a jungle setting, with new culture, language, community, church and friends. They are currently home in Sydney awaiting new visas to return to South Asia in the new year.

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This quote is Mary Grace reflecting on how our support is a real partnership and encouragement to them.

We need encouragement to persevere in mission. The encouragement of words, prayers and financial support. We are your representatives among the minorities of South Asia, being and speaking God's love with them as we help them in accessing the riches of God's word and world. 

When we send out our newsletter things happen - God answers your prayers, he really does. We remember countless times of weariness and difficult relationships when we sent out prayer points and God answered with creativity and breakthroughs in the community. 

Your practical provision so we can leave our jobs in Australia and live as guests and foreigners, offering our services free of charge to the disadvantaged, pushes us on in service when we miss home and find things hard. 
Thank you for partnering with us. 

When we are worshipping Jesus in the eternal kingdom we look forward to introducing you to those you have prayed for and sent us to. Keep encouraging us. Use your words, time, prayer and finances so we can be useful in God’s work in South Asia.