Ndabuko, Macha, and God's Goodness

Almost one year ago to the day, we had the privilege of hosting a ‘wedding' - and when I say hosting, I mean everything, from the invitations, to the service itself and the cake and food. The reason? The wedding was for a couple seeking asylum in Australia from their birth country of Zimbabwe.

Ndabuko and Macha reaffirmed their vows before people from multiple communities, in a wonderful celebration of God’s goodness. And afterwards, we had one of the most memorable moments of Jazz in the Graveyard, when hundreds of people from church and the wider community joined in a spontaneous bridal dance to classic African contemporary pop music!

Now, one year later, some more good news. The family has finally been issue temporary protection visas, which means that they are free to work and study, as well as rent a home in a location of their choice.

We continue to support this family. Please pray that they will find both work and good accommodation. 

And look out for them possibly to visit us at church for the 1 year anniversary!