Serving on Sundays

Each Sunday many people are involved in making a service happen. There are people who welcome or run the slide show, people who play a musical instrument or pray in the service and then there are people who serve morning tea or supper.

These roles require little extra training, but it is available as needed. 

Would you consider how you might like to serve in your congregation and complete the form below?

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Serving on Sundays
For each of the roles below please let us know if you would like to START, STOP or CONTINUE serving in this way. Choose as many roles as you like, and leave others as n/a.
Overseeing the Technology (10 and 6 only) *
Our lead tech each week oversees the technology (particularly sound) during the service, setting up at 9.20 am for the 10 am service and 4.00 pm for the 6 pm service and packing up afterwards. This is an opportunity for you to help make sure technology is a help and not a distraction as we meet! Full training is provided for this role but a basic affinity with technology generally is helpful.
Operating the Slideshow (10 and 6 only) *
While the lead tech concentrates on tricky technical details, the slideshow operator has the quite straightforward task during the songs of pressing a button at the end of every verse! It takes a tiny bit of practice to get the timing perfect, but overall this is a really easy way to serve the congregation suitable for everyone.
Welcoming *
Welcoming is a profoundly Christian thing to do because God, in Christ, has welcomed us into his family. This role involves arriving twenty minutes early for a service to prepare a few things, then welcoming people as they arrive and handing out the service sheet. During the service the welcomer distributes the welcome packs and collects the offertory.
Reading the Bible *
Hearing God's word is the heart of our Sunday services, so reading the Bible is a wonderful way to serve God's gathered people. You will be told the readings for the service in advance so you have time to prepare.
Leading in Prayer *
The Bible urges us to bring our concerns, requests and thanks before God at all times, including when we gather together as his family. Leading in prayer at church involves planning in advance the things that we as a congregation should ask or give thanks for, and then leading the congregation in bringing these matters before our gracious heavenly Father.
Morning Tea (10am only) *
The time of fellowship after each service is vital to our community life, and providing refreshments is a real act of hospitality to our brothers and sisters and especially to visitors. You will be part of a group to supply, serve and clean up with a leader to coordinate what is needed and your role on the day. It takes about 20min before the service starts to set up and then after the service to serve and clean up.
Prayer Ministry (10 and 6 only) *
A great opportunity to meet after the service with people who want someone to pray for them. You will always have a 'buddy' to serve with and no special training is required!
Playing Music/Helping Lead Singing (10 and 6 only) *
God's word urges us to “sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves” and so music is a regular part of our time together. If you have some musical ability there are various ways in which you can contribute to our corporate music-making – tick the box and our music staff will explore the options with you. Professional experience not required!
Bookstall (10 and 6 only) *
This role involves standing at the bookstall after the service with the moneybox and selling books to those who want to buy them. It is also a key place to meet and welcome new people who redeem their gift voucher.
Counting the Offertory (10am only) *
This role takes about 5 minutes after the service is finished and with a buddy count the offertory taken that morning and record it on the given forms. No experience required.
English Corner *
Do you want to meet people from other countries and be a blessing to them? Serve at English Corner and provide free conversational English practice from 4-5:30pm one or more Sundays a month. No experience or preparation required.
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